Impact Assessment Fiche

Instructions for use

The aim of the IA Fiche is to provide up-to-date information on the handling of lA within the Council,
and to follow up on Coreper's request for receiving more regular information on IA within the Council.

An IA Fiche should be created for every Commission Proposal which is examined within the Council
preparatory bodies, including those which are not accompanied by an IA. It should be submitted
after WP discussions are held, and completed once the examination reaches Coreper level.

The IA Fiche should be a living document that should be regularly updated in the light of IA
developments within the Council's preparatory bodies. Existing fiches can be retrieved and updated using the search function below.

Your feedback is important. It will feed into the IA reporting to Coreper. Do not feel limited by the
scope of the questions if you have other remarks arising from your experience.

Impact Assessment Fiche

Last update of the IA Fiche

Proposal (title) II Code ST
Date COM prop. Lead GSC DG/Unite
WP in Charge Desk Officer
Proposal accompanied with an IA ? YES NO  

If Proposal Accompanied with an IA

WP Discussion on the IA Held Not Held
Number of WP Sessions on IA
Number of delegations commenting
Commission presentation in WP Yes No
Please explain


Use of Indicative Checklist

Yes No Partly

Checklist sent in advance of WP

Circulated in the meeting
New updated Handbook and Indicative Checklist for WP Chairs

Was the new updated Handbook (6270/18)
presented to delegations?

Yes No

Suggestions for improving the updated
Indicative Checklist?

Exchange of views in another WP

Yes No
CRP presentation / discussion on IA? Yes No
WP appraisal of the commission IA Broadly Welcomed Mostly Criticised
What were delegations main reactions / concerns
with regard to the IA?
Request for complementary information Yes No

IA Examination and Subsequent Council Work on the Legislative Proposal

Did the IA examination influence the outcome
of discussions on the proposal ?
Yes No
Please explain
Were IA-related issues raised at trilogue meeting? Before trilogue meeting During trilogue meeting
Please explain
Did the Council IA procedure influence
the overall duration of the legislative process?
Yes No
Please explain

National IAs

Were any presented? Yes No
National IAs Circulated individually As a compilation (by GSC)
Form taken by National IA

Sets of specific data Study Other

Did the national lAs influence
the discussion on the Commission WP ?
Yes No
Impact assessments on Council amendments
Were there requests to conduct lAs
on Council amendments?
Yes No

Please explain (facultative)

Discussions, Issues and Comments

Main outcome of discussion on IA

Issues for follow-up

Comments / suggestions