My Story

What is my background?
With a Master of Arts and hands-on experience acquired during a Web Development Certificate course, I have acquired various experiences in different business sectors.

What do I like in UX design ?
Be an User Experience specialist gives me the chance to push my skills in such broad areas as graphic design, digital marketing, cognitive sciences and entrepreneurship.

What I am offering ?
A reliable professional, able to manage a full web production process (product creation , design and iterative process). He understands and advocates for the optimal user experience, ranging from broad artistic concepts to minute details.
I fundamentally improves the UX using the right methodologies and tools design Wireframe, Motion Flowchart, Prototype - all the necessary tools to work with the development team to support the integration process.

What's driving me ?
Over time and from my experiences, I noticed that the most beautiful entrepreneurial adventures are those that have purposes.

How to contact me ?
I'm always up for new challenges. See below

Antoine Schuppisser